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How often do water / sewer bills come out
Each utility customer is billed monthly. Approximately half of the city is billed on the 15th or the month and the other half is billed on the 30th of the month.

Sewer / Water

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1. Who should I call with questions about my water / sewer bill?
2. How often do water / sewer bills come out
3. What payment options does the city offer?
4. Are water and sewer billed separately?
5. How do I start my service?
6. What is the basis for the charges on my bill?
7. I just bought a new home and the previous owner did not pay his/her last utility statement. Who is responsible for this bill?
8. I did some watering, why has my sewer bill gone up?
9. I am new to the City and have never received a water bill can you tell me how much it will run per month?
10. Will I still be billed sewer if I fill my pool?
11. I have a leak on the water line coming into my house, before the meter. Will the City come fix it?
12. I am looking into getting a new water meter or increasing the size of my water meter. What should I do?