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Why is the City performing an update of residential properties?
The revaluation is being conducted to comply with State law. Both the constitution and the laws of our state require all communities to value all properties at market value on a periodic basis, at least every five years. The State Department of Revenue Administration schedules one fourth of all communities in New Hampshire for total revaluations each year. Concord was on the State's schedule to be revalued last year and will complete the revaluation this year.


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1. Why is the City performing an update of residential properties?
2. Who determines when an assessment is done?
3. What is the schedule for the assessment update?
4. Will types of property be valued differently?
5. What sales will be used in determining market value?
6. Will all the homes in the City be inspected?
7. Since not all homes in the City will be inspected, should I do anything to ensure that the information the City has on record is accurate?
8. Will assessed values change as the market values of residential homes change?
9. Will my new assessment be exactly the same as my recent purchase price?
10. What if I disagree with the new assessment?
11. When will new values from the update impact tax bills?
12. What is the expected impact to the overall tax rate?
13. Will the City receive additional taxes from the update?
14. How does the update coincide with the budget process?
15. How likely is it that my taxes will increase or decrease?
16. Are commercial, industrial, apartments and other types of property being updated?
17. Who are the various parties that are conducting and overseeing the assessment update?