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Community Pools
Pool Locations and Hours
Garrison Park - 31 Hutchins Street, Concord
Keach Park - 2 Newton Ave, Concord
Kimball Park - 171 N. State St, Concord
Merrill Park - 25 Eastman St, Concord
Rolfe Park - 79 Community Dr, Penacook
Rollins Park - 33 Bow St, Concord
White Park - 1 White St, Concord

Keach Pool


Weather Closures:

The pools may close on occasion due to inclement weather. Anytime lightening is visible, thunder is heard or a storm warning is issued, the guards will ask swimmers to leave the area immediately. Pools will remain closed for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Pool Passes:

 Non-Resident Families: No Charge for use of city pools. Pool passes are not required for Concord/Penacook residents. However, residency checks will be conducted daily throughout the summer. Please always bring your photo ID with you when you come to the pools.

Non-Resident Families: Passes may be purchased at the at the Parks & Recreation Office. Cost of a Non-Resident pool pass is $113 per family. The pool pass is good at all seven pools.

Pool Guest Policy: Residents and Non-Residents may bring guests to the pool. Guests are allowed on a 1 to 1 ratio for ages 10 and older. ( i.e. each person over 10 years old may bring one guest).