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Leak Detection

City Leak Detection

Crews continually work at fire hydrants and valves to find any potential water leaks throughout Concord. Finding hidden leaks helps to conserve water from our water source at Penacook Lake. Stopping leaks also prevents the waste of City treated water and reduces the efforts and costs of excessive pumping. Water service will not be interrupted unless a leak is found. Notice will be given if a leak is found before repair. The City of Concord is not responsible for leaks found within private property. 

Water Leak Detection Survey Fire Hydrant

Household Leak Detection

We are doing our part to stop leaks, you can too! Leaks decrease the water available for consumption and cause outrageous utility bills. Check for leaks around the home by reading your water meter and inspecting your toilet, faucets, shower head, and even irrigation system. 

Sprinkler Spruce Up
Don't ignore water pooling in your yard or soggy areas, this could be a sign of an irrigation leak! Help "spruce-up" Concord by saving water and promoting a healthy landscape.

EPA WaterSense Sprinkler Spruce UpInspect your sprinkler system, check connections, direct sprinkler heads towards landscaped areas, and select WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers to help you water your lawn smarter. 

A little maintenance can go a long way! Contact a certified irrigation professional if you need any help inspecting, connecting, directing, or selecting to help Concord promote healthy water-efficient landscapes.

Visit our WaterSense page for information about how you can save water and participate in the EPA WaterSense's Sprinkler Spruce-Up.

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Josh Worthen
Water Conservation Technician

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Enter Concord General Services' E-Z Pay for WaterSense contest by enrolling in Utility Billing's E-Z Pay Payment Plan by 10/23 for a chance to win a WaterSense labeled showerhead to save water, energy, and possibly even money on your utility bill! Read on...
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